Without even noticing, everyone receives toxins in our body. Through sprayed foods, chemical additives in food, cosmetics, air pollution and medicines. Stress also acidifies the body. When more toxins are entering your body than it can handle, it is stored in your body. This manifests in all kinds of symptoms such as fatigue and digestive problems as a result. The body is built to dispose of waste itself but with the amount of polluted substances that are produced nowadays, our body can use some help. Our body becomes quite unbalanced by all that waste. With detox you help your body to function optimally again and get more energy. Therefore, take the time to thoroughly cleanse your body. The juices offered are specially formulated organic juices, packed with vitamins and minerals.


To get the maximum health benefit from juice fasting, we recommend a special diet three days before starting the fasting program. In those three days, the diet advice will be ‘no sugar, meat, coffee and alcohol’. And smaller portions will give you a better start to the detox program. After the three fasting days, we recommend three days of building up to a normal diet again. And again we advise the same diet recommendations as the first 3 days before fasting. Only this way your body will take most benefit from the detox program.

The program consists of:

  • Phasing 3 days (PRETOX)
  • 3 Days of juice fasting (DETOX)
  • Building 3 days (RETOX)

Via email you will find all the information about what you can and can not eat. During this exclusive yoga and detox retreat you will participate in food and detox workshops so that you not only will know what detox exactly means and does for your body, but we will also teach you how to be more aware of food.


Wrongly, many people are worried about receiving enough nutrients during juice fasting. It is a different starting point, namely to let the digestive system rest and be cleaned. Remember that a poorly functioning digestive system absorbs nutrients with great difficulty, so much rich nutrients will be lost. By actively follow the detox program, your digestive system will be cleaned and therefore stimulated to absorb nutrients in a more active way. You’ll enjoy the benefits of the juice fasting program, long after the program!

For specific questions regarding the detox package please contact Ronel Breytenbach at the lodge (+27 (0)14 755 4917). To make a reservation for the detox package please contact “Reservations” (+27 (0)87 075 1274) or click on ‘book now’.

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