This was one of the most successful game drives I had in a very long time.  As usual, we started out early morning to travel to the northern part of the reserve in search of lions, since that was the area they were last seen.  Only three other game vehicles were in the area when we arrived and we shared the roads to cover the area.

We did find the lions and my guests were over the moon as we approached a zebra kill. As is the custom amongst fellow game rangers, I used the radio to call my colleagues to join me in the sighting, which we were enjoying so much.  Five minutes later, shortly after I left this amazing sighting of a pride of lions, Mhondoro Lodge called in on the radio to let us know that a cheetah has just made a kill right in front of the lodge. Can you believe that, in front of our lodge! It was a female cheetah with two cubs verging on sub-adulthood, or ‘teenagers’ as we would say in human speak. We made our way back to the lodge hoping to see them feeding on the kill. On arrival, I identified the kill as a young waterbuck.

Our guests were really having a great time enjoying this sighting.  The highlight though, was yet to come, as a warthog family then decided to join the cheetahs around the kill. This started a real brawl, with warthog chasing cheetah, and cheetah chasing warthog, but finally, surprisingly, it was the little army of warthogs who won, chasing off the cheetah to eat the remains of the young waterbuck.

You may not have known that warthogs are omnivores, and therefore do like to eat meat too. Can you believe that was all in one morning game drive? Please do come visit us at Mhondoro Game Lodge – we have some many wonders of nature to share with you!

Mhondoro Ranger – Phineas Mehale

Mhondoro Game Lodge - Morning Game Drive