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    On Monday morning we did the morning drive passing through an area called Kudu’s Kloof, which is known for the big numbers of kudu that reside in this part of the reserve. While driving down into the valley, I had a quick glimpse of an animal with a white back trotting down the road. I put foot on the accelerator to get closer to identify this mysterious creature.

    Amazingly, we had stumbled upon a Honey Badger – one of the toughest, meanest and most agile little creatures in the African bush (this is the Tasmanian Devil of Africa). We were met with a bone chilling sound as the Honey Badger made it obvious that we were not welcome. Immediately I turned the motor of the game viewing vehicle off to help calm the animal down. At that point it started chasing after the Rock Dassies that were basking on the nearby rocks. We stayed there for few minutes hoping the Honey Badger would return to the road, but without any luck. The only consolation was hearing the Rock Dassie’s alarm calls to warn other dassies of the approaching treat.

    Normally Badgers are active at night but this goes to show that some mornings one may have luck on your side and have the opportunity to spot one of the secret seven (Serval, African Wild Cat, Pangolin, Civet, Porcupine, Aardvark and Honey Badger).

    What a wonderful, rare sighting this was…