Living in the bush, you have no choice but to adapt, quickly, and become accustomed to challenges that are very different from what you would find in the City!

The Mhondoro Curio shop and Office seems to be a favourite lunch spot for some of our camp’s gentle Giants. On this specific day, two male elephants were feeding for more than two hours right outside the office door, which leads to the star-gazing deck. We have become so accustomed to elephant blocking the way that we have simply learnt to work around them. We noticed as we continued chatting to guests and colleagues that at some point, they would stop feeding, and seem to be listening to us. As we continued, we noticed that the one elephant would drop his head slightly lower, in what seemed to be an attempt to see what we were actually doing. Elephants are remarkable in their own right. Living this close to them is a true privilege!

General Manager – Fritz Breytenbach

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