Last week we had some beautiful sightings of the elephants in the western part of the reserve called Andre’s Pan. We looked for them during the day time but they were nowhere to be seen. Just after the sundowners’ stop we decided to head back to the lodge because it was getting colder.

On the way back we came across a big giant walking down the road in our direction. We quickly pulled off the road to give the elephant bull the opportunity to pass. It was full moon and you could see that he was not alone – in fact, seconds later there were probably 40 elephants walking right past us! No pictures were taken because of the elephants’ sensitivity to light, but it was a spectacular and unforgettable experience!

Earlier that same day we came across a journey of giraffe browsing on vegetation close to the vehicle. We spotted two young bulls fighting, trying to established their own territories. We call this Necking or Sparing. They were wrestling each other and if one would lose his balance in the process, it would get a heavy blow on the side of the rib cage that would make a very loud sound that can be heard from a long distance.

We also saw a dazzle of zebras and a huge troop of baboons in search of scorpions – their favourite food. Sometimes they are unlucky though when lifting a rock could reveal a snake, which always results in a loud screaming match that can be very funny!

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