The beast that’s built like a Tank moves at a speed that is truly unlikely and with the softest heart that could melt any body’s heart, the wonderful Square lipped Rhinoceros. We have such a Rhino here at Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa, but don’t be fooled she is not easily seen. This gentle Giant Calls Mhondoro a safe haven as she is here only at night and seen by only a select few, that is if you take the time in finding her. It all started when Evan a Ranger at Mhondoro started picking up tracks of a Rhino that is visiting the lodge when all the lights go off at night. The tracks first show them come and go from the watering hole towards the lodge and then disappear into the long grass in front of the lodge. The question was, who does the tracks belongs to and where is the animal they belong to.

So on one eventful morning after an epic game drive Evan and Sibu found the area where she made bed for the evening, we could see the imprint of the whole body on a heap of soft building sand quit close to the staff sleeping area. Of course we all celebrated in this new addition to the Mhondoro Family but still we have not seen our new family member.

One evening Evan heard the radio go off as if someone in the suites more particular a guests is trying to get a hold of one of the Rangers, He rushed off with uniform still half hanging off his body trying to get to the rooms to see who needs help, all the lights were off, he went from door to door trying to listen and see if anybody was in need of his assistance. All guests were asleep to his relief and he started making his way to the staff village and in the silence of dark he heard a rustle down at the lodge. He made his way down to the main deck, found nothing. Last attempt to see if everything is okay he did a small loop around the lodge and down the stairs he went to the Rangers room. To his eyes he could not believe, there she was standing 1.5m tall coming in at 2000kg of pure beauty; he stood face to face to a White Rhino. She snorted at him saying I am here please respect my space and in a soft calm voice he replied: Hey Girl, how are you. I’m going to bed now sleep well. He knew she didn’t understand him but he felt the calm nature of his voice reassured her he was not there to be a danger to her but just a friend to see if everything is oaky. He slowly walked backwards as she did the same disappearing into the shadow of night. After this encounter she started showing her presence more and more coming to drink water during dinner service and even in the day just to pop in to say hello.

Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa says hello to its new Family member with open arms and big hearts.

Rhinos, the soft hearted tanks of the bush.

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