There is something magical that draws humans to nature. Some simply enjoy taking time off their busy city lives to relax in the bush, while others like to chase the Big 5, perhaps looking for an unusual experience, or wanting to spot a rare creature in the wilderness. For those it may be a matter of taking the photograph, ticking the list and then yes, let’s move on to the next sighting…

When going out on a guided drive at Mhondoro, we enjoy exposing our guests to much more than just the Big 5. It could be a dung beetle rolling his ball; or a little King Fisher hovering over the water in preparation to make its kill – mother nature is full of surprises.

But then there is something that is truly magical, which happens on a daily basis, which I think we tend to take for granted.

After having been in the bush for a few hours, doing our best to tick everyone’s wish list, we set up a drink stop to stretch the legs and enjoy a sundowner. We stand around chatting and reflecting back on the wildlife sightings we had the privilege to see, and we plan the rest of the drive. And then, we manage to witness one of the greatest sightings one could ask for as the African sunset show begins. With drinks in hand and the call of the Black back Jackie or the African lion in the distance, we stand in awe and there is a moment of silence where nothing else matters – that is truly a magical momen


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