So not only do Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa rangers deal with the large wildlife of the African bush, but we also boast a large population of birds, for example the bee-eater. And I only realized this when I had birders (guests who are enthusiastic about bird identification) on my vehicle.

You can get lost in the bush of Welgevonden if you are not too sure on where to go on an average game drive, but it usually helps when guests know what they are interested in. On such one occasion I had guests asking me to point out specific birds to them for their checklist.

The usual and sometimes the best time to go birding is in the morning, with the general game drive rush of searching for animals before the heat of the day. Valleys are usually the best location for bird ID and the forefront of Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa watering hole.

The one small bird that usually stands out to a lot of guests and birders is the bee-eater, the European bee-eater to be exact, which can be observed dust bathing in the middle of the road, a behavioral maintenance performed to clean the feathers, skin and remove parasites.

Bee-eaters are also known to operate as a team to feed the nestlings when insects are in short supply. The guests were very happy to hear about this and see it with their own eyes.

So for a variety of stories and wildlife with professionals please come visit Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa, where you come as a visitor, but leave as family soon to return.

Story by: Sibusiso Nzima

A.K.A: Ranger Sibu


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