What Tips Do You Have For Planning A Family Safari In Africa?

What Tips Do You Have For Planning A Family Safari In Africa?

A safari is taking an expedition with or without your family into Africa’s wilderness. Going on a family safari in Africa comes with various opportunities for the whole family. Your children will develop a strong love for nature and appreciate wildlife. Parents get a similar experience heightened by excitement and curiosity. 

Apart from seeing amazing wildlife, a family safari is a great moment to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Travelling with children feels intimidating, especially when you have never done it before. But, proper planning will make for a pleasant experience. 

We’ve prepared some tips for you to prepare for your family safari in Africa.


South Africa Is The Place To Go On A Family Safari In Africa

Before we give you some tips to plan your family safari in Africa, you need to have a destination in mind. South Africa is usually the first choice being among the more developed countries in Africa. 

There’s a lot to discover in South Africa, including Welgevonden Game Reserve in Waterberg District, Limpopo Province. The 35,000-hectare stretch is full of exceptionally beautiful flora and fauna, river ravines, and mountains.

 Apart from being malaria-free, this reserve protects the highly endangered white rhino (Ceratotherium simum). The reserve is home to the luxurious and five-star Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa when it comes to accommodation.


Tips When Planning A Family Trip In South Africa 

Now that you have selected South Africa as your destination for a family safari in Africa, here are some tips when planning your trip. 

Book Accommodation at Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa

Choice of accommodation plays a significant role in making your family safari in South Africa a success. The rule is to choose private and child-friendly accommodation. This will be your home away from home for the duration. Therefore, it should offer great privacy, comfort, and safety to make you rest and relaxed. 

Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa is family-friendly, whether you’re a simple family with one or two children or moving in a larger group with close friends. Accommodation options include family deluxe suites, family suites, or exclusive-use villas that accommodate larger groups. 

Booking spacious accommodation offers all family members enough space to have a great experience. When selecting accommodation, some of the amenities you should look out for include 

  • A large living area
  • Dining room
  • Ensuite bathrooms
  • Outdoor entertainment area

Access to a swimming pool works well for the children while allowing adults to let off steam on getting back from a game drive. 

Family-friendly accommodation comes with dedicated staff, including a valet, guide, and chef. Personalised and discrete hospitality at the lodge ensures that the whole family stays carefree for an unforgettable family safari in South Africa. It is very important to mind the age restriction for children at the camp. This may also apply to bush walks, game drives, and other safari activities. 


Take It Slow

Being in nature shows us how to take it slow. Let nature set the pace, and you’ll see the Big 5 (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino) and Little 5 (rhino beetle, ant lion, elephant shrew,  buffalo weaver, and leopard tortoise) animals in their natural habitat. Look forward to this while taking a guided walk. 

The experience will give you a glimpse into the fascinating intricacies of a South African safari up close. The conspicuous animals are always so captivating to children and adults alike. Slowing down is very important during a family safari in South Africa. Leaning into some bit of downtime together will allow you to appreciate the wilderness’ stillness.

 Avoid trying to cram too many activities while heading out on a safari. You’ll only end up making the entire family miserable. An ideal family safari is all about spending quality time together in a relaxing and quiet environment. 

Apart from an itinerary, your guide may give you a map showing the day’s adventures. After a morning or evening game drive, you may wind down from the excitement by taking a nap. You may also relax at the poolside, gaze at the stars, visit the gym, read a book on the balcony with a magnificent view of the bush, or enjoy a soothing massage at the spa.

 These quiet moments will become fond memories to remember for years to come after the trip. 


Don’t Forget Those Private Moments

You can’t ignore the magic and romance that fill an African safari. Although you’re travelling with children or other relatives, you need moments with your loved one. This is time alone without the children to relax just the two of you. Whether you’re a bit stressed or just tired, these private moments will rub the stress or tiredness off. 

The private moments may include strolling around the campgrounds or sipping some wine while watching the African sunset. You may also get inner peace in the massage suite, where the management may provide two massage beds for you and your loved one. 


Children Need Fun Too

The ultimate family safari focuses on keeping everyone in the family happy. So, your children deserve to enjoy some entertaining and engaging moments at the safari lodge. The children may enjoy taking a dip in the swimming pool or playing in a playground with a protective fence that keeps elephants away. Alternatively, the children may go on a Kiddies bush walk or indulge in target shooting. 

Children above six years can go on a three-hour-long game drive with adults. For those under six years, the lodge offers a childminding service. This is available while taking a game drive or on special request. 

Experiencing the beauty of the South African wilderness is the ultimate safari experience for the whole family. Just be sure to book family-friendly accommodation at Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa. You’ll be on your way to creating fond memories that the whole family will cherish for years.

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