For many, just being on safari in Africa is a romantic experience in itself. The opportunity to be in the wild, absorbing the atmosphere and breathing in the pristine natural air is glorious on its own. Adding in our star deck to this experience, as an exceptional vantage point to gaze up at the vast Africa night sky, will take romance to a whole new level. As your own private viewing deck of the infinite constellations, with very little light pollution in the area, you can look up into the Milky Way from where, on a clear night, you should be able to see about 2,500 stars. You will be able to spot the Southern Cross constellation with its two stars of Alpha and Beta Centauri, often referred to as the ‘pointers’ to help stargazers locate the asterism of the Southern Cross.

The elevated wooden star deck has custom-made seating, with seatbacks angled at 45 degrees to allow for comfortable star-spotting. Our high-powered telescope is linked to a sophisticated computer programme that enhances a thrillingly detailed search of the cosmos.


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