When going on safari for the first time, one can be quite baffled as you stare into your empty bag, wondering what you need to pack to ensure you get the full enjoyment of a safari, and are comfortable at the same time.

Let’s start off with the basics. First time safari adventurers do not need to go out to buy a full wardrobe of khaki clothing to look like Sir David Livingston. To be honest, when on a safari vehicle you can wear any colours but keep in mind that if you are feeling adventurous and would like to do a bush walk, then do pack a comfortable pair of pants and a top in neutral colours, as well as a comfy pair of closed walking shoes. Winter mornings can be very chilly in the bush so be sure to pack warm clothes, as well as a beanie, scarf and warm gloves, if you like. For summer also bring a warm jacket as it can still get cool in the evenings, and very important all year round, is a hat to protect you from the African sun which can be relentless, anytime of the year. Sun block and bug spray are also recommended.

Now onto the equipment side of things… a camera to capture the memories of your African safari! Binoculars are an added bonus for spotting elusive leopards or a beautiful African paradise flycatcher hunting insects in the fig trees above. The added bonus of binoculars is that you can flip them around and use them as a magnifying glass to examine the amazing features of a butterfly and other invertebrates! A go-pro can be mounted on the front of the safari vehicle to capture some amazing footage of animals walking past the game viewing vehicle, but if you don’t have any of the above, a phone camera will suffice!

Living in the digital age there is an app for almost every single thing – including on safari. If you are are a keen birder I would recommend downloading the Robert’s Birds of Southern Africa app, and for mammals, the Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa. Both these apps will assist you greatly in learning more about any birds or animals you spot. There are also a number of star gazing apps that guide you to pin point the constellations in the dark Arican night skies.

And then you are set to go…

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