It is always a privilege to see the magnificence of lions as they bond as families, play and hunt together. Yet when they start to challenge the gigantism of the white rhinoceros, that is when the fun really starts…

On this particular day, the western pride females and cubs decided it would be a good idea to bother a very large rhino cow with a calf of about 18 months old. Circling the rhinoceros there was no chance of error. Even though it was all just a game, the rhinoceros cow took no chances either, and started to chase the cubs around. Following mom’s example, the calf then started to do the exact same.

This went on for nearly an hour until the lion cubs (which were not so small anymore) got tired and gave up, making the wise decision to follow the lionesses into the long grass for a nap before they went looking for their next meal.

This just goes to shows that you might think you are the king of the jungle, but not everyone will always agree or tolerate it!

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