So in the last week or so there have been a number of exciting things happening in the reserve, with many special sightings of rarely spotted animals like the Honey Badger, Serval, Civet and Porcupine. The highlight of the week however was having the entire western pride of lions in front of the lodge for nearly five days! On the Tuesday evening we discovered that the lions were just around the corner from us (so to speak) and that they had made a kill. Now normally once lions have fed, they go to water to drink, and it just so happened that the closest water was at Mhondoro. The entire pride came to the lodge waterhole to drink, which was a wonderful sighting in itself, but what happened next surprised us all…

While the lions were lazing about in the grass around the waterhole, a group of Kudu came down for a late afternoon drink, blissfully unaware that they were being watched very closely. It did not take long and the lions were off making their chase.

Yip, they caught it! Right in front of us all, and it all happened so fast. After all that excitement very little could compare for the rest of the week. The lions seemed to be very at home at our Mhondoro waterhole, as if they had moved in and were going to stay. Which they did, for just under five days – and what a great five days it were!

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