Cheetahs are beautiful creatures. They have stunning ‘tear drop’ facial markings, lean and graceful bodies with long, flat rudder-like tails, and they can go from zero to 60km per hour with a mere 30 feet of runway! Unfortunately, they are also very endangered with fewer than 10,000 believed to remain. Here in Welgevonden Game Reserve we are fortunate to have a good population of Cheetah. With current numbers standing at 15, the species is flourishing and still growing.

Guests at Mhondoro Safari Lodge are treated to regular sightings of these magical animals, ranging from right in front of the lodge – sometimes to make a kill, to the grass lands of the South, or the plains in the central area of the reserve.

Welgevonden is a Garden of Eden and the ideal place to view these majestic animals in their natural environment. Maybe you too will see them on your next visit here?

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