Welgevonden Game Reserve is home to over 50 different animal species, including the Big 5. The diversity of habitats leads to a wide range of wildlife, and crossing the grassy plains you will see an abundance of antelope, from the largest eland to the diminutive duiker. Big cats like cheetah, lion and leopard are also regularly seen close to where the antelope are. Sightings of rare and unusual species such as brown hyena, aardwolf, pangolin and aardvark are best seen at night.

Over 300 bird species are found on the reserve, including the rare blue crane which breeds in the southern section of the reserve, early in the year. Our rangers will tell you all about the wonders of the wilderness on bush walks as they take you up-close-and-personal with nature. Taking no chances with your safety, they will guide you on safe encounters with Africa’s renowned Big 5 –lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino –or with the many other species living within the reserve, such as giraffe, kudu, and warthog.

Or how about looking out for the fascinating so-called ‘Little 5’ that can be found in the reserve too –elephant shrew, leopard tortoise, rhinoceros beetle, buffalo weaver, and ant lion? Guided bush walks provide the perfect opportunity to explore the flora and fauna around the lodge at close quarters.

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