Visitors to Mhondoro may expect a warm and temperate climate with three distinct seasons, each offering something unique.

Winter runs between May and July. This is the dry season with warm day temperatures of about 23oC, dropping to about 3oC at night and early morning. This is considered an excellent time of the year for game viewing as the grass is shorter and less dense, and animals may be easier to spot.

During Spring, from August to October, the weather remains dry but with an occasional dramatic thunderstorm, and temperatures are very pleasant, ranging between 27.6 oC during the day and 8.6oC at night. Game viewing remains the same as in the winter season.

The Summer rainy season stretches from November to April when it is hot and humid at around 30oC during the day, with minimum temperatures rarely dropping below 15oC. December and January are the wettest months. The reserve is green and lush and it’s the best time of year for birdwatching as the summer migrants have arrived. This is also the calving season for many of the antelope species. Expect many heart-warming sights of newborns and mothers feeding their young.

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